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ACT II Golden Sizzle Instant Popcorn 30g (Get 8g Extra)


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About This Product:-
Enhance your movie-watching experience, in the comfort of your own home with World’s No. 1 ACT II popcorn. ACT II popcorn is easy to make. In only 3 minutes, enjoy Hot n Fresh n delicious popcorn along with the delightful popcorn aroma. You can choose among different pack sizes such as individual packs, family packs and party packs, as per your need. Relish your favorite ACT II popcorn, now available in various lip-smacking desi flavors such as butter, Sweet Pani Puri, Tandoori Tadka, Southern Spice, Butter pepper as well as international flavors such as Cheese delite, Peri Peri, Thai sweet chili and Tomato Chili.

Popping Corn, Refined Edible Palmolein Oil, Iodised Salt.


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