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alo frut aloevera + mixed berrries 1Lalo frut aloevera + mixed berrries 1L

Alo Frut Juice – Mixed Berries, Aloevera, -1L


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About This Product:- Alo Frut as the brand name suggests is the most refreshing and healthy fusion of aloe vera gel juice and pulp fruit blend. Aloe vera is known worldwide as a rich source of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. This is a unique fusion of health and teste. Go ahead, have it. We will keep making more.

Ingredients:- Aloevera Juice & Pulp (12%), Sugar (12%), Strawberry Pulp (5. 5%) Cranberry Pulp (3. 5%), Acidity Regulator (e330), Stabilizer (e440), Class Ii Preservative (e211), (e202).


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