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Hamam Soap Bar Neem Tulsi & Aloevera 150g


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About This Product:- Hamam Brings You This Bathing Soap Bar That Is A Perfect Pick For An Enriching And Refreshing Bathing Experience. A Power-Packed Soap Bar Enhanced With Tulsi, Neem, And Aloe Vera, This Soap Provides A Natural Protection To Your Skin By Eliminating Germs And Skin Impurities While The Aloe Vera Content In This Soap Gives You A Refreshing Feel After Every Shower. It Soothes And Cools Your Skin Cells, Thus Offering You A Smooth And Naturally Happy Skin. The Sweet And Delicate Fragrance Will Envelop Your Body In Refreshing Scent. Benefit : It soothes and cools your skin cells, thus offering you a smooth and naturally happy skin , after every shower. Pick The Hamam Soap Bar In This 150 Gm Pack, Right Away!

Composition:-  Neem, Tulsi & Aloe Vera A Barbadensis leaf extract, C Sinensis leaf extract.


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