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Fogg Black Series Perfume Body Spray Fresh Oriental, For Men, Long Lasting & No Gas Deodorant 65ml


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About This Product:-
Be the man everyone has their eyes on at every party. No matter where you go, you bring life to the place. Fogg Fresh Oriental is the apt perfume body spray to make that impression. It’s part of the Fogg Black Series, which has been crafted for men who are the highlight of every event. Its strong and powerful scents create an aura of confidence and leave everyone impressed. Add this masculine fragrance to your routine and never go unnoticed again. One spray of Fogg and its fragrance will stay on you till the night ends. It doesn’t have gas, which gives you more sprays than regular gas deodorants. Spray it on your body before stepping out and leave your worries about body odour back at home. Fogg Collection of Black Series embodies the captivating balance of mystery, elegance, and freshness. It whispers of masculine appeal rather than bellowing it. An amazing addition to your fragrance collection, Fogg is a luxurious, everlasting fragrance that is also quite affordable. So, grab the can and outlast the party.

A MASCULINE BODY SPRAY: Be the highlight of every party with the remarkable fragrance of Fogg Fresh Oriental
LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE: Its intense powerful fragrance stays on you for a very long time even with just one spray
BEAT BODY ODOUR: No need to worry about body odour caused by sweating as the refreshing scent of Fogg Fresh Oriental takes care of it
NO GAS DEO: Fogg Fresh Oriental contains absolutely no gas and is filled with 100% perfume liquid so that you can use it more times
FOGG BLACK SERIES: The premium but affordable range of body spray boasts bold and everlasting fragrances that last long into the night


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