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Budweiser Non-Alcoholic Engery Drinks Glass Bottle -330ml


About This item:
Non Alcoholic Drink – The King Budweiser 0.0
Non-Alcoholic Beer is brewed using the same process and high quality ingredients as Budweiser Original, but without the alcohol. It is a light, crisp and refreshing alcohol free 0.0% ABV lager beer with no compromise on taste.
Budweiser’s answer to non-alcoholic beer is for those who enjoy the taste of beer.
Best served: cold.
Water , Malted barley , Hops , Rice , C02 and Additional Flavours.
Total Calorie consumed will be 77.1 kcal for a 300 ml can, which is 30% Less than any popular carbonated soft drinks.
Currently in Indian market due to 30% Less sugar content, keeping in mind health conscious young adult.

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