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Pediasure 7+ Specialized Nutrition Drink Powder for Growing Children Vanilla Flavour 400g


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About This Product:- Nutrition for 7+ children: It is specialised nutrition for growing children (above 7 years of age) and provides complete, balanced nutrition. A scientifically designed formula contains high-quality protein and the goodness of oats, almonds, and essential nutrients. It is a health drink that contains nutrients to support height gain, strength improvement and brain development. It contains 29 nutrients, with 7 nutrients meeting 100% RDA and 11 bone nutrients which help in bone strength and muscle mass. Contains Vitamin K, manganese and FOS which helps in increasing bone mineral density and absorption of calcium. PediaSure® – Abbott’s hallmark brand is trusted by mothers in over 80 countries for providing adequate nutrition for their children.

Ingredients:- Maltodextrin, Skim Milk Powder, Sucrose, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) (3.6%), Minerals, Oats Powder (1.0%), Almond Powder (1.0%), Artificial Flavour, Vitamins. Contains Added Flavor (artificial And Nature Identical Flavoring Substances – Vanilla).


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