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Britannia Toastea Doodh Rusk 182g + 18g Extra


About This Product:- Britannia Toastea Milk Rusk with the goodness of milk has been a traditional tea companion and is loved by many. It is as crispy as your traditional rusk, but with the goodness of Milk and the right amount of sweetness: its taste will leave you amazed. Britannia Toastea Milk Rusk for long has been a part of every home, sharing those moments of joy.

Ingredients:- Prepared using Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Sugar, Refined Palm Oil and Palmolein, Semolina (Suji), Yeast, Invert Sugar Syrup, Vital Gluten, Iodised Salt, Improvers, Spices- (Green Cardamom Seeds & Its Oil), Wheat Fibre, Emulsifier Blend and Antioxidant.

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