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Nestle Classic Chocolate Bar 18g (Pack of 2)


About This Product:-
Chocolates taste good, smell great and feel so satisfying when they melt in the mouth; there is really nothing more indulgent than chocolates and no one who understands it better than Nestle. Nestle’s Classic Milk Chocolate Bar is an indulgence in rich, creamy and smooth taste that leaves your taste buds satisfied. NESTLe Milk Chocolate is a superior quality chocolate bar made with Nestle’s real milk chocolate for a rich and creamy eating experience. Nestle Milk Chocolate tastes exactly the way you expect great chocolates should taste. The chocolate bar offers a milk chocolate alternative that the entire family can enjoy any time. NESTLe Milk Chocolate has a deliciously pleasing taste for you to savour. So, bite into one and experience the pleasure for yourself.

Allergens: May contain gluten and sesame.

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