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parle mango bite 289gparle mango bite 289g

Parle Mango Bite 289g


About This Product:-
Parle is one of the oldest brands that has been a front runner in the Indian food industry. Its many innovative products go from biscuits to cookies and even savouries and candy. Parle Juicy Mango Bite is one of the most popular candies in the market today thanks to its juicy centre and sweet and tangy taste. Made with the goodness of real, juicy mangoes, Mango Bite candy has been brightening days since 1989.

This candy is filled with a yummy mango flavour as well as sugar and emulsifiers. It also contains liquid glucose that has been treated to give the candy a hardened exterior and malic acid and mango solids for natural taste. Further it has permitted artificial flavours and food colour as well.

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