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Bisk Farm Petit Beurre 250gmBisk Farm Petit Beurre 250gm

Bisk Farm Sugar Free Petit Beurre – The Taste of France, -250g Pouch


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About This Product:- Bisk Farm Sugar Free Petit Beurre is one of the best sugar free petit beurre for diabetic patients and for other health issues. They have a good flavor and these biscuits are made of salty, spice and sweet. It is hygienically baked and well packed in wrappers that makes them long lasting and remain fresh giving crispy taste. It is crispy and gives a superior taste.

Ingredients:- Wheat Flour (63.43%), Edible Vegetable Oil, Butter, Milk Solids, Emulsifiers [471, 481(I)], Salt, Leavening Agents [335, 336, 500(ii), 503(ii)], Yeast, Sweetener (955),Dough Conditioner (223) and Antioxidant (319).


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