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Ching's Dark Soya Suace 210gChing's Dark Soya Suace 210g

Ching’s Secret Dark Soya Sauce 210g Bottle


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About This Product:-
Perfect dining table companions! No dining table is complete without the ever-popular Ching’s Sauces. The rich brown Soy Sauce that’s great for stir-fries and marinades. The edgy Chilli Vinegar that makes Desi Chinese dishes come alive. The zingy Green Chilli Sauce that adds a buzz to any snack. The Red Chilli Sauce that’s a great snack dip. These sauces are the perfect way to enhance the flavours of your favourite Desi Chinese dishes.

SoyBeans, Water, Salt, Sugar, Caramel, Wheat, Acidifying Agent(260).

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