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Comfort After Wash Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner 860ml


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About This Product:-
Want your clothes to shine like new every day? A small step of Comfort After Wash Fabric Conditioner Morning Fresh (Blue) 860 ml gives your clothes unbeatable shine, that detergent alone can not deliver. Even if you use the best detergents, repeated washing can tangle cloth fibres, making them rough, dull & lifeless. Taking a small step of Comfort After Wash Fabric Conditioner nourishes the cloth fibres damaged by detergent, giving them new like shine even over repeated washing. Not only shine, our range of fabric softeners gives visible softness to your favourite clothes while also delivering a long lasting freshness.

Features and Benefits:-
Comfort is an after wash fabric conditioner.Only Detergent is not Enough: Comfort is a small step after wash that coats each cloth fibre with a protective layer & prevents the damage caused by repeated washingNew-like Shine: Comfort nourishes & untangles cloth fibres damaged by washing, and gives clothes an unbelievable shine. Long-lasting freshness: Now with fragrance pearls for long-lasting freshness.Visibly Soft Clothes: Leaves clothes feeling soft, smooth & great to wear.Easy to use: After washing with detergents, pour half a cap of Comfort in a bucket of water & soak clothes for 5 mins. Remove and dry them. Do not rinse the clothes again.


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