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Surf Excel Easy Wash Liquid 500mlSurf Excel Easy Wash Liquid 500ml

Surf Excel Easy Wash Liquid 500ml


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About This Product:-
Surf Excel Easy Wash liquid is a new product by Surf which is a liquid-based detergent. We understand that washing clothes and removing stains can be extremely tiring and cumbersome. Especially if you are a mother of a young kid who fills your laundry basket with clothes covered in an array of stains, grass stains from football practice, ketchup stains from lunch and paint stains from art class. These stains are very difficult to remove.

One of the main reasons for inefficient stain removal is that the detergent does not dissolve completely and hence does not reach the fabric. Surf Excel Easy Wash liquid dissolves easily in water and its efficient stain removal formula makes sure there is no stain residue after the wash. Surf Excel Easy Wash liquid works on all fabric be it coloured or white. It also is effective in removing the toughest of stains such as mud, ink, ketchup, curry stain, chocolate and many more easily.

Surf Excel Detergent Liquid is effective for bucket washing. Surf excel detergent liquid is safe on hands and gives you tough stain removal.

Quick tip:

1. Dose 1 cap

2. Shake till it foams

3. Apply directly for tough stains

Leaning Agents (Anionic And Nonionic Surfactants, Enzymes), Water Softeners (sodium Carbonate And Sodium Aluminosilicate), Fabric Whitener, Sodium Perborate, Anti-redeposition Agent, Perfume, Washer Protection Agent (Sodium Silicate) And Processing Aids (Sodium Sulfate).


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