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Surf Excel Matic Front Load Detergent Washing Powder 4kg (3kg+1kg Free)


About This Product:-  Presenting, Surf excel Matic front load the machine specialist laundry detergent from the Surf Excel Matic family that gives you 100 percentage tough stain removal in machines. Surf Excel Matic front load is specially designed to work in high water level environment ( 20 litres) of front load washing machines. Its low suds formula ensures it produces the right amount of foam that protects your machine from the effects of excessive foaming. Its hand rub action power penetrates clothes and removes tough stains in the washing machine itself. This means no more soaking or scrubbing and saves up the time and effort you put behind the everyday laundry.

How to Use: 60 gm/1 scoop for regular loads and 90 gm/1.5 scoops for heavily soiled loads.

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