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Colgate 360 Visible White Toothbrush, 4 pcs (Buy 2 Get 2 Free)Colgate 360 Visible White Toothbrush, 4 pcs (Buy 2 Get 2 Free)

Colgate 360 Visible White Tooth Brush 4N (Buy 2 Get 2 Free)


About This Product:-
Bring home the Colgate 360° Visible White Toothbrush – An expertly designed toothbrush for a whole mouth clean with whitening. The toothbrush head features unique whitening cups that hold toothpaste to help remove surface stains effectively.In addition, the soft polishing bristles further remove surface stains for a brighter smile. It also comes with a cheek and tongue cleaner, which comfortably removes the odour causing germs, giving you a completely clean mouthfeel.

How to Use:-
Gently brush the outside, inside & chewing surface of each tooth.
Tilt the brush at 45-degree angle against the gumline.
Gently brush your tongue to remove bacteria & freshen breathe.

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