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Ezee Liquid Detergent 1LEzee Liquid Detergent 1L

Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent 1L


About This Product:- Approved by Woolmark Company for washing of woollen apparel. Ezee liquid detergent has a special “No Soda’, pH neutral formula that gently cleanses your woollens from within. Avoids loss of protein, damage of fabric as well as colour loss. Its in-built micro conditioners make your woollens soft, fluffy and looking as good as new always! With a spill-proof nozzle, the design ensures that you pour the liquid uniformly in the measuring cap and after pouring, the liquid does not drip around the bottle and make it messy- instead it goes back, right into the bottle. Even the measurement cap is designed in an innovative way, if there is any residual liquid in the cap it goes back right into the bottle.

Composition:- No Soda Formula.

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