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Fortune Soya Chunks 1kg Pouch With 10% ExtraFortune Soya Chunks 1kg Pouch With 10% Extra

Fortune Soya Chunks 1kg Pouch With 10% Extra


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About This Product:-
Do your family need champion wala dum aur yum ? Fortune Soya Chunk has 15 times more protein than milk which gives strength. It is healthy because it is 99% fat-free. It has got a unique combination of 9 essential amino acids necessary for human growth. It is light, soft and easy to digest. It can be used with most of the recipes. Fortune Soya Chunk – ”Yum jo de champion ko dum”.

Nutritional Facts:-
Typical values per 100 g. Energy -345 Kcal, Protein – 52g, Fat – 0.5g, Carbohydrate – 33g, Crude Fiber – 01g, Dietary Fiber – 13g, Calcium – 350mg, Iron – 20mg.

How to Use:-
Boil 1 Cup of Soya chunks in 4 cups of water for 3-4 mins and add a pinch of salt. Then drain the water and rinse the chunks with fresh water. Lightly squeeze out the excess water before adding them to the recipe of your choice.


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