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Kellogg's Muesli with 22% Fruit Magic with 4 Grains 500gmKellogg's Muesli with 22% Fruit Magic with 4 Grains 500gm

Kelloggs Muesli 22% Fruit Magic Breakfast Cereal High in Fibre High in Iron and High in Vitamin C, Naturally Cholesterol Free 500g Pack


About This Item:-
Nourishing & Tasty Breakfast Cereal – Say Hello to a delightful breakfast filled with multigrain goodness that will jump-start your mornings and get you ready for the day. It is infused with the goodness of multigrain and dried fruits making for a nourishing and a tasty meal.
Made of Four Nutritious Grains & Dried Fruits – Kellogg’s Muesli 22% Fruit Magic comes with the goodness of four baked grains (Wheat, Corn, Rice and Oats) and a delectable medley of dried fruits, is carefully crafted for flavor and texture.
3 Ways to Enjoy Muesli – Its beauty lies in its simplicity! Have it right out of the bag or have it in a bowl and pour some milk on it or couple it with yogurt. Just take a handful of Kellogg’s Muesli and feel nature’s bounty in its grainy, fruity goodness!

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