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Kohinoor Pink Condoms Pack Of 10Kohinoor Pink Condoms Pack Of 10

Kohinoor Pink Condoms 10N


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About This Product:-
The crown jewel in the kohinoor collection is kohinoor pink – the first, and still the most popular condom in India. A simple yet very special condom, kohinoor pink allows you to be at your tender best, whilst letting her know that the two of you are in the safest hands. So when you are in the mood for hot and steamy fun, simply choose kohinoor pink.
Ensures long-lasting pleasure.
Kohinoor pink is good when it comes to lubrication and stimulates you from within core.
The latex used is of high quality and you will feel the pleasure while in action.
  For special couples who like to express their passion and inner love to their partners.


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