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kwality walls Desi Twistkwality walls Desi Twist

kwality walls Desi Twist -Creamy Kulfi, -700ml


About This Product:- Kulfi is popular Indian ice cream. It is made with milk, sugar, nuts & cardamoms. It is made by evaporating milk. It is rich and creamy than regular dairy desserts. Kulfi is a healthier version of ice cream. It is a perfect snack or a dessert. Share with your friends and family and enjoy it.  All so that you can indulge in a gratifying dessert experience, every time. It’s rich, the creamy taste will keep you craving for more till the very last bite and after.

Ingredients:- Water, Milk Solids, Rose Flavoured Confectionery (14.6%) (Water, Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Stabilizers (E410, E412), Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colour – E122 And Added Flavour – Nature Identical Rose Flavouring Substance), Sugar, Almond (5.1%), Condensed Milk, Liquid Glucose, Emulsifier E471, Stabilizers (E412, E410, E407)

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