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Kwality Walls Majestic Kesar Pista 700ml


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About This Product:-
The beautiful aroma of Kesar and the richness of Pistachios, comes in this very pack of Majestic Kesar Pista by Kwality Walls. Let the rich texture engulf you and your senses while you treat yourself to this authentic combination of pure royal extravaganza.

Water, Sugar, Palm Oil, Milk Solids, Liquid Glucose, Pista Nuts (2.2%), Cashew Nuts(1.0%), Vegetable Protein(Soy), Cardemom Powder, Emulsifier – E471, Stabilisers- E412,E410,E407. Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colours – E102, E110 And Added Flavour – Nature Identical (Saffron) Flavouring Substances.


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