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Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh Soap 100gLifebuoy Lemon Fresh Soap 100g

Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh Soap 100g


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About This Product:-
Did you know that your sweat contains germs that can cause skin irritation, heat rashes and embarrassing body odour? Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh bar soap is the perfect solution to fight this body odour causing germs. The refreshing burst of lemons helps you stay fresh throughout the day, protecting you from sweat germs. Also, its powerful formula gives 100% stronger protection from infection-causing stronger germs*.
The powerful Activ Silver formula is a strong germ protection formula that, penetrates the walls of germs to completely destroy them from within. Time to protect yourself and your family with Lifebuoy, the world’s number 1 selling germ protection soap. Lifebuoy is approved by the Royal Society for Public Health, London for its hygiene education efforts with respect to handwashing with soap as a disease-prevention measure. Lifebuoy supports the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan through the Hindustan Unilever initiative of Swachh Aadat, Swachh Bharat Use other products from Lifebuoy to keep your family protected from infection-causing germs. Lifebuoy soaps are also available in Lemon Fresh, Care & Nature variant.

Lemon, Sodium Palmate.


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