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lipton darjeeling tea 100glipton darjeeling tea 100g

Lipton Darjeeling Tea Long Leaf 100g Carton


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About This Product:- Picked in the high of Northern India this Superb single region tea from Lipton offers a truly individual taste. Lipton Darjeeling Tea ensures you an artisan cup of 100 per cent pure Darjeeling black tea, with its distinctive long tea leaves and the carefully preserved aroma of delicate floral and fruit undertones. As its long leaves gently unfurl in boiling water, Lipton Darjeeling tea delivers a reddish-brown brew with a distinctive aroma and rare flavour. It is normally savoured as a black tea with lemon or honey to add flavour. Tea lovers around the world recommend that Darjeeling Tea is best savoured in its authentic form, without adding milk and sugar. So, go ahead, awaken your senses and treat them to a connoisseur’s choice of tea as you discover the magic of Darjeeling.

Ingredients:- Darjeeling Tea Leaf


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