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Mayurank Garam Masala Gota 25gMayurank Garam Masala Gota 25g

Mayurank Garam Masala Gota 25g


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About This Product:-
The name literally means ‘warm blend of spices’, comes from the fact that this combination of spices is believed to have a heating effect on the body, according to the Ayurveda tradition. Region to region, the composition of garam masala varies and all are as authentic as the others. And it is not just the individual spices that may vary, but their proportions as well.
Usually, the spices are toasted to release their aromas fully and then ground together. Black and/ or green cardamom pods, cloves, cinnamon or cassia bark, peppercorns and bay leaf are the basic building blocks of any garam masala.

It’s Contains Elaichi Small, Elaichi Big, Cloves, Darchini, Jaiphal, Jawitri, Shah Jeera, Shah Mirch, Kababchini, Dry Ginger.


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