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Mediker Anti Lice Treatment Shampoo 50ml


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MFD :- 06/2020
EXPD :- 05/2022

About This Product:-
Mediker Anti-lice Shampoo with the power of 100% natural actives like Neem oil, Coconut oil & Sitaphal seed extracts makes the whole lice removal process simpler & convenient. Remove lice in a painless & natural way. It is clinically tested & has no side-effects which make it safe & gentle for everyday use. With Mediker, get effective lice removal in just 4 washes (i.e. wash every Sunday once).

Each 10 ml Contains – Camphor 10mg, Sitaphal Bheej Extract 1mg, Coconut Oil 0.2mg, Neem Extract 0.1 Mg, Colour And Fragrances.


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