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Parachute Coconut & Jasmine Hair Oil 190ml


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About This Product:-
It’s time for your hair to take the spotlight and bring out its shine with Parachute Advansed Jasmine Hair Oil! It’s an amazing blend of 2 super potent ingredients – Coconut oil and Vitamin E. It not only nourishes hair but leaves it soft, silky, and shiny. Coconut oil for hair is the best as it can penetrate 10x deeper into hair and nourish it from within, while Vitamin E increases hair strength and brings out the shine alive. What’s more, it’s so light and non-sticky that it’s a perfect hair oil for women and men as it’s easy to apply to your hair after a hair wash and style it the way you want. It’s loaded with Jasmine extracts that leave a soothing and refreshing fragrance all day long.

Mineral Oil, Coconut Oil, Fragrance With Jasmine Extracts, Benzophenone-3.

Light and non-sticky hair oil enriched with coconut & vitamin E that nourishes your hair from within thereby leaving it shiny.
Coconut oil penetrates 10x deep into the hair, moisturises and nourishes it thereby making it stronger than before.
Vitamin E helps reduce hair damage and repairs and strengthens it thereby restoring the natural shine that lasts long.
It is enriched with Jasmine extracts that give you a pleasant and refreshing fragrance


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