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Robin After Wash Dazzling, Liquid Blue 200mlRobin After Wash Dazzling, Liquid Blue 200ml

Robin After Wash Dazzling, Liquid Blue 200ml


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About This Product:-
Robin Dazzling Liquid Blue After Wash provides whiteness to your white cloths. Brightening white clothes contains an instant whitening system that assures uniform and consistent outcomes. It will create them look even brighter and a small drop of it is enough to create them look really eye catching. Robin Dazzling Liquid Blue is extremely much easy to use and secure to your hands.

How to Use:-
Mixes Evenly Add 4 drops of Robin liquid to 1/4 bucket of water. Swirl and mix well to obtain uniform blue colour. For Dazzling Whiteness Dip Washed Clothes. Swirl 2-3 times and let them soak for one minute. Squeeze and hand out to dry.


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