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Skore Zig Zag Condom 10Pcs PackSkore Zig Zag Condom 10Pcs Pack

Skore Zig Zag Condoms Dotted And Ribbed Condoms 10 Count


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About This Product:-
SKORE ZigZag Condom with its unique ribbed and dotted texture, in a patented ZigZag pattern, enhances your pleasure and also heightens your lover’s sensory experience.
ECO Friendly condoms – India’s 1st FSC certified condoms; Latex & Packaging material responsibily sourced.
Condoms delivered in Completely Concealed & Discreet Packaging
Transparent and lubricated condoms, made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs
53mm ± 2 mm width, 180 (Min.) length condoms
Country of Origin: India

How to Use:-
For single use only. If used properly, Skore Zig Zag Condoms can help reduce the risk of transmission of HIV (AIDs) and many other sexually transmitted infections (STI). However, no method of contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or STI.

For optimal security, the product should be placed in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Dermatologically tested.


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