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Pringles Potato Chips Fusion Chutney 107g


About This Product:- Do you have taste for something tangy or a craving for a snack with a kick? Explore the Pringles Fusion Chutney potato chips. Pringles Fusion Chutney is the latest addition to the exciting range of International flavours, brings to you a never seen combination. Kelloggs Pringles are world famous potato chips sold in more than 140 countries.

Ingredients:- Dried Potato (45%), Edible Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Corn Flour, Wheat Starch, Fusion Chutney Seasoning (5. 5%). [Maltodextrin, Salt, Sugar, Vegetable Powders (Garlic Onion Powder), Spices {Ginger (2%), Clove (0. 5%), Cinnamon (0. 5%), Cassia Celery Seed}, Colour (INS 150 A), Anticaking Agents {INS 341 (iii), 551, 552}, Acidity Regulator (INS 330) Flour Enhancer (INS 635), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Yeast Extract, Spice Extracts {Paprika, Ginger (1%)}, Malt Extract, Sweeteners (INS 951, 955)], Emulsifier (INS 471), Maltodextrin.

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