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Gits Ready Mix Gulab jamun 200g Box


About This Product:- Gits Ready Mix – Gulabjamun 200g.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Skim milk powder, Bakery Shortening (Palmolein oil, Sesame oil), Sodium Bicarbonate (E500(ii)), Citric acid, Permitted anti-oxidants, Bakery shortening used contains trans fat.

Cooking Instructions:

1. Add, in parts 50-60ml water to the Gulab Jamun mix. Knead gently into a soft and smooth dough. Apply ghee or oil on both palms & then shape 20 round and smooth jamuns without cracks from the dough. Tip for richer Jamuns, use milk instead of water. 2. Deep fry in ghee or oil on medium to low heat until golden brown. Drain excess oil. 3. Soak the jamuns in hot sugar syrup for 30 minutes. Directions for.

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