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Sugar free Natura Low Calorie Sweetener, 100 PelletsSugar free Natura Low Calorie Sweetener, 100 Pellets

Sugar Free Natura Low Calorie Sweetener 8.5g (100 Pellets)


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About This Product:-
Sugarfree Natura made using Sucralose which is a derivative of Sugar. Sucralose tastes like Sugar, but doesn’t contain the same amount of calories. Thus, it allows you to enjoy the sweet flavour of sugar without having to worry about gaining excess calories. • Ideal for cooking and baking: Sucralose is highly heated stable, which means you can cook and bake with it without any loss in sweetness. It can be used for making a wide variety of preparations- hot and cold beverages, mithais, desserts, cakes etc. It is ideal for fitness seekers, weight-conscious & diabetics. Available in pack of 80 gms.

Bulking Agent-Lactose Sweetener – Sucralose Dispersing Agent – Microcrystalline Cellulose Stabilizer – Pregelatinized starch, Anticaking Agent- Magnesium stearate, Stabilizer-Polyvinyl pyrrolidone.


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