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Vaseline Skin Protecting Jelly Original 5.5gVaseline Skin Protecting Jelly Original 5.5g

Vaseline Skin Protecting Jelly Original 5.5g


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About This Product:-
Vaseline petroleum jelly is triple purified, it helps retain moisture and gives you soft skin. Hands, lips, heels, skin – Vaseline petroleum Jelly is for everything. Vaseline petroleum jelly protects your skin from tough skin problems in the harsh winter. The Vaseline petroleum jelly is a true all-rounder which is best for dull skin, cracked skin, or dry skin during harsh winters. It helps to give you soft hands, soft lips, soft heels, and soft skin. This skin protectant provides your dry skin with long-lasting moisture. Its triple-purified advanced solution feels gentle on your skin. It gives you smooth and even looking skin avoiding dryness and preventing pore-clogging. Whether it is your heels, lips, elbows or your hands, this effective skin protectant keeps your skin from chapping. It helps to give you nourished and healthy skin. This petroleum jelly is gentle on your skin, dermatologist-tested, and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). A small drop of Vaseline can work wonders on your skin. One jelly, multiple benefits – Smooth lips, soft heels, healthy elbows.

Mineral Oils, Paraffin, Micro Crystalline Waxes.


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